Credit Cards: Calculated, That’s All You Can Do With Them!

We collected credit cards, which are the dominant players in the market, and associated each with a consumer profile that, when used on a monthly basis, offers the most advantageous credit card. We calculated how much this is in forints and the final result is deducted from the bank fees!

In addition, we did not expect the introduction discounts.

Our calculations are based on the fact that each credit card has a different purchase profile, so it’s a good idea to choose a credit card based on your buying habits. That’s why we matched the $ 100,000 monthly spend for the credit cards we tested, realistic, and examined how much we had in our pocket each month after deducting bank charges.

Those who like to shop in the supermarket on an all-in-one basis should not look any further than the Auchan Shopping Card , especially if they are shopping on the second Thursday of the week due to Sunday closing. They get a 5 percent discount on all that matters , which in our example gives you a monthly rebate of $ 2,475 in addition to your bank fees (though we only counted $ 50 a month in Auchan, spending the rest elsewhere).

This is outstanding!


Partner Card is the perfect choice, with a 6% rebate on service charges and a 2% rebate on all other purchases, so you can reap the benefits of using the card for more than $ 2,200 a month.

E-Money has a discount of 4% on 3 selected store categories, of which there is a monthly cap of 30,000 HUF only for refueling. For other purchases, you get a 1% refund, so with the settings in our example, you can earn $ 5,000 a month.

In our example, this is the fourth, also significant, with over $ 1,650 in profits, though we only spent $ 15,000 a month on a single partner.

Not far behind the $ 1,500 profit

Good Finance’s OneCard is not far behind the $ 1,500 profit, where we did not count on affiliate discounts, only the 3% discount on the hypermarket . In addition, this card now gives Good Finance a $ 5,000 credit on special credit cards applied for at designated points of sale, provided that the customer spends at least $ 25,000 in the first 60 days.

At the end of the line are the more modest but still profitable credit cards, while the list ends with two gold cards, which are already at a loss due to high bank charges, but even with these, we can reduce bank charges by $ 1,000 to $ 1,500 per month.

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