Credit in 24 hours with fast loans.

Bank offers

Bank offers

New forms of financing continue to enrich the offer of banks and financial companies, a need that derives from the newfound propensity of Italians to apply for a loan – as already anticipated in the news “The spring of loans has already begun”.

The use of credit has been enriched in the last few years by the so-called fast loans. The main feature of the loan concerns the approval times, as there are intermediaries who also provide it online in 24 hours. It is important to keep in mind that this period of time does not start from the request for a quote, but from the moment when the institute is given all the required documentation.

The need to resort to a product of this type is usually to be remembered for an unexpected event, which the customer cannot cope with his own financial resources.

Generally the sums disbursed are of a fairly small amount, maximum $ 5 thousand, while the duration of the amortization plan varies from a minimum of 12 to a maximum of 48 months. Despite the low amount, it is very difficult that funding can be granted without a paycheck or demonstrable income.

However, it is possible for the customer to submit the request together with a guarantor, who has the function of taking over the payment of the sums in the event that the main debtor is unable to fulfill the obligation.

A fundamental requirement of the guarantor is that his economic position is solid and has not been reported to CRIF (Central Financial Risks) as a bad payer.

The fast loan can be both finalized and personal.

The fast loan can be both finalized and personal.

The differences mainly concern costs, as that paid for the purchase of an asset can also be granted at zero rate, while the second provides for medium-high interest.

The two types are not the only possibility to use fast credit. A solution comes from the promised loan, a loan covered by promissory notes entered into by the applicant who are enforceable for the institution to recover the money without resorting to legal proceedings.

However, it should be emphasized that many banks tend not to grant this form of loan, which is, among other things, not very convenient for the same customer due to the interest rates applied by the very high institutions.

Currently it is possible to find fast loan proposals both at the main banks, such as San Clara Lend, and at the financial ones, such as company, for example, is considered a pioneer of this type of service.

In terms of credit, it is always good to remember the use of the Serlend portal, which compares the best online loans and helps the consumer to save hundreds of USD on financing every year. The offer recommended at 30 March 2017 with liquidity purposes is precisely that of company with Personal Credit. For a requested amount of 20,000 USD to be repaid in 84 months, it allows a 40-year-old Roman customer to pay an installment of 311,23 USD at a fixed rate of 7.95% (Taeg 8.29%).

company is intended for individuals and residents of Italy who have a demonstrable income. The loan only applies an expense, that of 16.00 USD for the stamp duty that will be charged on the first installment. Insurance costs are optional and equal to 4.5% of the amount granted.


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