See why a store credit card may be a good option.

Who doesn’t like to make a purchase with the feeling that it was a great choice, isn’t it ?! And by using a store credit card, you can get benefits such as: special discounts, win vouchers, installment payments more often without interest, exclusive promotions, win gifts, in short, many advantages for those who buy such a card.

There are a wide variety of stores offering their own credit card.

However, many people are unsure when they are offered a card from a store, mainly because they do not understand well why it exists and how it works. Not to mention that, unfortunately, Brazilians are so fed up with financial scams, that besides being very positive that people adopt this caution, it is very understandable.

And so, once again we brought you a super nice explanation, to answer your questions and let you know about this new category of credit card, which has been expanding in Brazilian commerce so quickly.

Is it worth having a store credit card?

It all depends on your consumer profile. If you are the “conservative” type who always shop at the same store, it is worth having a card there and enjoy the benefits offered on your purchases.

However, if you often search a lot before making a purchase, and according to price, delivery time, payment method, etc., you always end up varying the stores you buy from, it is not worth making a card in each store. This is because, in addition to having to pay annuity from several different cards and it ends up “nullifying” the discounts or perks you got, you will have to work quite hard to track multiple invoices and may compromise your budget control.

Many different invoices can cause confusion when paying bills and checking the budget.

What is the difference between a regular credit card and a store credit card?

For the customer, basically nothing. The card works the same as any other card, because although it bears the name / brand of a specific store, it is always run by a financial institution.

This way, like other credit cards, it can be used in any store and not just in the store where it was purchased. As for the limit, some stores offer a higher limit for in-store purchases, but the rules for calculating the available limit are also the same.

An interesting benefit is that many stores offer the non-annuity card to attract more customers. And this can be very good for those who are tired of paying high annuity fees. However, it is good to be aware, as there are stores that do not charge annuity, but charge a fee for each purchase made, which in the end, is the same.

What does the store get from having its own credit card?

Some stores were used to offering a store-owned but non-credit card that acts as a creditor. The customer can only use it in the store itself. This type of card is still a good option for customers who have no interest in getting a credit card and are accustomed to buying at the same store.

But for the store, this card is no longer as beneficial as offering a credit card that can be used in multiple locations. This is because, besides the credit has been virtually abolished with the massive use of credit cards, some stores are able to negotiate better rates with brands and financial, when they offer their own credit cards. After all, it is as if the store sells the credit card service as well.

And it is based on these negotiations that the store can offer different benefits to those who use your card. So it is worth keeping an eye on the advantages.

How to Get a Store Credit Card

Many stores offer their own cards, and this is likely to increase. You can find supermarket cards, clothing stores, furniture, drugstores, dealers, bookstores, online stores and more. There are many options to choose the one that most benefits your consumer profile.

To purchase a store card, you can order directly from the store or its store website. Usually it is worth leaving to buy yours when there is a purchase to be made, because the vast majority of stores offer a good discount on the first purchase made with the store card.

But stay tuned!

No store can try to force you to make a credit card so you can close your purchase. You should always have the right to choose the form of payment you wish to use. So be aware, and if you decide to purchase a store credit card, choose the best known stores to avoid surprises.

After all, do you have or intend to have a store card? Leave your comment here and tell us if you liked the post!

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